Thursday, March 31, 2016

The North Texas Chapter
of Romance Writers of America is proud to announce …
The 2016 Great Expectations Contest Winners!

Denotes Request for Partial Manuscript *
Denotes Request for Full Manuscript **

Final Editor:  Karen Reid, Associate Editor, Harlequin Publishing

First Place:           Shell of a Chance, by Tanya Agler **
Second Place:       The Brothers of Brigadier Station
                            by Sarah Williams **
Third Place:          Higher Learning, by Seana Kelly **
Honorable Mention:  Faking His Fiancée, by Jessica Davidson*

Final Editor:  Gabrielle (Elle) Keck, Editorial Assistant, HarperCollins

First Place:           My Lord Mercenary, by Trace Hemming *
Second Place:       The Lost Letter, by Mimi Matthews
Third Place:          Lord James' Challenge, by Evelyn Alexie
Honorable Mention:  Taming the Earl, by Elizabeth King
Final Editor:  Raela Schoenherr, Acquisitions Editor, Bethany House
First Place:           Honorable Intentions, by Michele Morris *
Second Place:       The Thief's Redemption, by Connie Queen
Third Place:          Love Never Fails, by Lorri Dudley
Honorable Mention:  15 Days, by Rebekah Millet

Final Editor:  Marla Daniels, Assistant Editor, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

First Place:            Off-the-Grid in the Tropics
                            by Mindy Miller **
Second Place:       Happily Ever Afters, by Rachel Magee
Third Place:          Lady Jane Lives, by Angie Dicken
Honorable Mention:  A Town Called Hope, by Abby Gaines

Final Editor:  Julie Mianecki, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group

First Place:            Heartfall, by Diana Beebe
Second Place:       Saving Grace, by JoAnn Sky *
Third Place (Tied):  Crossing the Lines, by JoAnna Grace
 The Mercy Killers, by Jessica Grace Kelley
Final Editor:  Alex Logan, Senior Editor, Grand Central Publishing

First Place:           In the Wrong Sights, by Tracy Brody **
Second Place:       Deadly Secrets, by Lynn Balabanos
Third Place:          Thrill of the Chase, by Shelly Alexander
Honorable Mention:  Smoke and Secrets, by Nikki Brock

Final Editor:  Madeleine Colavita, Associate Editor, Grand Central Publishing

First Place:            Welcome Home, Katie Gallagher
                            by Seana Kelly
Second Place:       Season Pass, by LS Rhoades
Third Place:          Murphy's Secret, by Becke Turner
Honorable Mention:  Eire Ever After, by Jeanne M. Dickson

SPECIALIZED ROMANCE (Alternate Earth, Dystopian, Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal, Time Travel)
Final Editor: Kristine Swartz, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group

First Place:            Rolf's Quest, by Aubrey Wynne *
Second Place:       Sanctuary, by Seana Kelly
Third Place:           Rain Goddess, by Amanda Byrd
Honorable Mention:  Beneath Us, by Michelle Joyce Bond

Final Editor:  Alice Jerman, Assistant Editor, HarperCollins

First Place:           Soren's Resistance, by Christine Gunderson
Second Place (Tied): Mom I Married a Highlander
                              by Lana Pattinson
The True Ones, by Nina Bangs
Third Place:           Resistance, by Linda J. Parisi

Congratulations to our winners and good luck on your road to publication!

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