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QUESTION: I’ve judged entries in various contests where an author wrote “said he”, instead of “he said”. At first I would mark them down and explain the correct way. Then I found out in some countries “said he” is the correct way of writing. I still comment that in America it’s written ‘he said’ and editors and agents may see this as inexperience, but I understand other countries don’t write in the same format as we do. I don’t take off for it, and I tell them I’m not taking off for it. Have you come across this and how would you handle it?

RESPONSE: Subjectivity
Bottom line?  Is it a good story and does the style work in that story.

An author's style and voice are their own. But so is each story. The way a character thinks and acts in one book won't necessarily work in another. Same thing goes for readers...what one likes, another says maybe not so much. Basic grammar rules may be broken if they don't jar the reader from the story. They may even be used to tell a specific story in a specific way.

So authors may use different tags to identify different POVs or characters. But it has to work.

If it's a distraction, then it should be counted down, but please leave a comment about the distraction--not just the gramatically inconsistency.

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