Sunday, January 11, 2015

TOPIC: Why Are You Judging?

  • giving back
  • helping the chapter
  • it's for the contest
  • it's a favor
  • paying back some kharma 
  • I learn from reading other writers
  • the GE helped me become a better writer
  • judging helps my own writing

There are lots of reasons to judge any contest. Each person has their own. Find yours.

No matter if you're published or still on the road to get there, it takes great courage to put your writing in front of strangers.

I encourage you to critique wearing two hats. One as a writer. One as a reader.
It takes both to be a good judge.

Even though grammar and sentence structure is important, don't get bogged down line editing an entry instead of concentrating on the story-telling. Some entries need more help than others. Pick one or two things the contestant can concentrate on AND add suggestions or articles.

So why are you judging?


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