Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Why Resist a Rebel?
by Leah Ashton

Harlequin, KISS

Karen Reid ~ Associate Editor, Super Romance, Harlequin
Romantic series novels. If your manuscript is a series romantic suspense, you may enter the Contemporary Series category or the Romantic Suspense category. Please check our score sheets to see which benefits your writing. An example is the 2014 RWA RITA winnner: WHY RESIST A REBEL?

No Good Duke
Goes Unpunished

by Sarah MacLean

HarperCollins Publishers,
Avon Books

Gabrielle Keck ~ Editorial Assistant, Avon / William Morrow
Romantic novels with non-contemporary settings, including regency & gothic romances. An example is the 2014 RWA RITA winnner: NO GOOD DUKE GOES UNPUNISHED.

Five Days in Skye
by Carla Laureano

David C. Cook

Raela Schoenherr ~ Bethany House
Romantic novels with an inspirational message/theme, including romantic suspense, historical, etc. An example is the 2014 RWA RITA winnner: FIVE DAYS IN SKYE.

The Haunting of
Maddy Clare

by Simone St. James


Laura Fazio ~ Assistant Editor, NAL
Novels that include an element of romance but in which traditional romance conventions are not followed and in which there are themes and conflicts beyond romance. Mainly women’s fiction and chick lit. An example is the 2013 RWA RITA winnner: THE HAUNTING OF MADDY CLAIRE.

by Erin McCarthy

Berkley Publishing
Julie Mianecki ~ Assistant Editor, Berkley
Novels appropriate for new adult readers. Includes heroes and heroines not exceeding 25 years of age. Novels similar to YA that can be published and marketed as adult—a sort of older YA market. New Adult fiction tends to focus on "first" experience issues. Some examples are leaving home, developing sexuality, negotiating education, first job or career choices. 

Off the Edge
by Carolyn Crane


Alex Logan - Editor, Grand Central Publishing
Romantic novels that include an element of mystery or suspense. Since the final round editor is from a single title publisher, contestants may want to enter series romantic suspense in the contemporary series category. An example is the 2014 RWA RITA winnner: 

Crazy Thing Called Love
by Molly O'Keefe

Random House Group,
Ballantine Bantam Dell

Madeleine Colavita Editorial Assistant, Grand Central Publishing
Romantic novels released as individual titles. An example is the 2014 RWA RITA winnner: CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE.

The Firebird
by Susanna Kearsley

Sourcebooks, Landmark

Kristine Swartz ~ Assistant Editor, Berkley
Romantic novels of any time setting (historical or futuristic) with Alternate Earth Histories, Dystopian, Futuristic, Fantasy, Time Travel, Paranormal or Urban Fantasy. Please keep in mind that the emphasis should be on the romance. An example is the 2014 RWA RITA winnner: THE FIREBIRD.

The Farm
by Emily McKay
Berkley Publishing


Novels appropriate for young adult readers. Includes young adult heroes and heroines not exceeding 18 years of age. An example is the 2013 RWA RITA winnner: THE FARM.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Are People Saying. . .

"As an unpublished writer, I try to enter contests where the judges will give feedback. With the Great Expectations contest, I not only received score sheets, but two judges gave insightful feedback that has helped me in my writing career. Thanks to the chapter for putting on a first-rate contest."

Tanya Agler
2nd Contemporary Series

~ ~ ~

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What people are saying . . .

To Trust a Prince finaled in the Great Expectations contest in 2004. The feedback I got back from all the judges was invaluable. The comments were both supportive and constructive. The Harlequin editor who judged the finalists gave me incredible feedback that changed my writing completely. When I decided to pursue indie publishing, I broke out those comments and reworked the book. It's the second in my It Started in Texas series.
Today I'm an NTRWA member, and I love judging the contest.

Liz Lee
2004 Honorable Mention, Long Contemporary
~ ~ ~
Wife, mom, writer, teacher, dog mom, reality tv addict, low-carb aficionado, musical lover, world traveler. Happily Ever After are 3 of my favorite words. Follow me on twitter @AuthorLizLee @marybethleeybnp

Friday, September 19, 2014

What people are saying . . .

"I wanted to drop you all a line to say thank you. I placed first in the Great Expectations contest, Single Title category, in 2014. The feedback I received was so constructive and amazing. In April of 2014 the book was published by MuseItUp.  I cannot thank you all enough for your help and guidance."

Vanessa M. Knight
2014 Single Title, 1st place

~ ~ ~
Vanessa M. Knight writes contemporary romance novels with a dash of suspense. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and Windy City RWA.

She lives in Chicagoland with her husband, son and menagerie of dogs and cats. When not writing, Vanessa loves to scrapbook, watch movies and read anything she can find.

For more information on Vanessa, including her Internet haunts, contest updates, and details on her upcoming novels, please visit her website at www.vanessamknight.com.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What people are saying . . .

"I read an article written by Darynda Jones on the importance of entering contests as a way of obtaining much-needed feedback from people who don't know and love you, and as a avenue into publishing. I took her advice to heart and entered a few contests. The Great Expectations contest was different from the others in that I didn't feel as though I was shouting into the void, my entry forgotten in an unused e-mail box. My category coordinator was genuine and wonderful, personally writing notes to me to let me know where I was in the process. The feedback from judges was concise and instructive, helping to direct my edits. In all, the Great Expectations contest was an amazing experience."

Seana Kelly
Welcome Home, Katie Gallagher

2nd place, Single Title 2014
(editor request)

~ ~ ~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What people are saying . . .

"I was the NA category winner, and I do have a nice follow-up story! Thank you so much for asking.

I self-published the book literally the night that I won. Essentially, I let my win nudge me to dive into the deep end, and THE YEAR WE FELL DOWN became my first self-published book ever. Since that day, I've sold thousands of copies into 23 countries. The book has received glowing reviews from Dear Author, Aestas Book Blog and Maryse."


Author of contemporary romance & New Adult romance. 

~ ~ ~

Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty contemporary romance from Vermont's Green Mountains. Her ancestors began logging and farming Vermont during the 18th century. These were rugged, outdoor types without benefit of a laptop or a good latte. It boggles the mind.

Sarina enjoys skiing, skating and good food. She lives in Windsor County, Vermont, with her family, eight chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What people are saying . . .

"I've entered The Great Expectations contest twice. In 2013, I finaled in the Historical category with The Tin Man's Heart, and in 2014, I won the Single Title Contemporary category with Wild in Her Eyes and garnered an editor request! I went on to sell that manuscript in a 3-book deal to St. Martin's Press. It has been retitled HONEYSUCKLE SEASON and will be released March 2015, just one year after the results! 

I've entered many contests, and the NTRWA GE is my favorite. The first-round judges' feedback is excellent, the final judges are fabulous, and it is extremely organized. It seems like some finaling entries always receive requests. I can't recommend this contest highly enough!"

Laura Huskins 

Writing as Laura Trentham


~ ~ ~
I was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Tennessee. Although, I loved English and reading in high school, I was convinced an English degree equated to starvation! So, I chose the next most logical major - Chemical Engineering- and worked in a hard hat and steel toed boots for several years. Now I live in South Carolina with my husband and two children. In between school and homework and soccer practices, I love to get lost in another world, whether its Regency England or small town Alabama.

Right now, I'm working on Book 2 of my Falcon Football series, tentatively titled Firefly Season. And, I'm expecting edits for Book 1, Honeysuckle Season, in September and edits for Book 1 of my Spies and Lovers historical series, An Indecent Invitation, in October. It's going to be a busy fall!

But, you'd better believe I'll be planted on the couch every Saturday watching my University of Tennessee Volunteers play football! Go VOLS!